APRO International



Apro Formazione has two training schools in Alba and Canelli, employing 100 members of staff and 400 professionals. Apro Formazione is a private non profit consortium which provide around 200 courses every week training more than 4000 persons per year in the following sectors: mechanics, welding and carpentry, computer science, electrotechnics, clothing and fashion, tourism and culinary art, hairstyling and beauty, commerce and service activities, health and human services, marketing and communication, administration and business management, design and graphics, environmental protection, safety, eco-management and foreign languages.

Since 2009, Apro Formazione collaborates with European partners on mobility projects, partnerships, development and transfer of innovation in the education field. Its European Network covers 20 Countries with more than 50 partners. Apro Formazione managed successfully more than 1.000 mobilities and got the Erasmus+ VET mobility charter in 2015.

Danilo Kis

“Danilo Kiš” Budva


JU SMŠ” Danilo Kiš” Budva, Montenegro, is a secondary vocational school, established in 1978, that provides vocational and general secondary education. The school educates students in the following areas of work: tourism, economics, gastronomy. Practical classes are organized partly in specialized classrooms, in the school restaurant and partly by private entrepreneurs and companies. In addition to regular courses, there are also compulsory elective courses chosen by the students depending on their interests and affinities. Free activities are carried out through lectures, professional excursions, round tables, community work and other organizations to enhance cultural, artistic and sporting development and the acquisition of general culture. Regionally recognized by the competition in gastronomy - Gastro Cup. The school has 70 teachers and 720 students (2021/2022).